Sunday, October 19, 2008


I just realized that this week's blog-"Interesting Findings" (See below) completely negates my earlier rant on social networks and joining reader groups to "friend" someone for publicity's sake.

Now to be fair, I have only "friended" people I know or am in a group with-so no massive "friending" going on. And I do not send out "read my latest book" bulletins, and other advertisements as some authors do. But- I have to admit the advice was right. (Yes,shudder I've gone over to the dark side.) Social networks-used responsibly-do work as a way to draw readers to your website and ultimately your books.


Pamala Knight said...


I have some firends who are using MySpace and also Facebook and I'm imposing upon them to give their opinions on which they like best. I've always been reluctant to join sites such as these, but in light of all of the advantages (building fan bases, marketing and publicity of a kind, etc.), I am rethinking my position. Especially with all of the information you've provided. So I may be joining you on the dark side, lol.


Nancy J. Parra said...

I joined Facebook this week and enjoy it a whole lot more than Myspace. And the hits to my site do keep climbing, so I suggest you try Facebook first. *Friend* me if you do. ;)