Thursday, September 10, 2009

Introducing Carolyn Brown and her Lucky series

Every now and again I am lucky to share with you some of my favorite authors and their latest books. Carolyn Brown is a good friend and a fabulous writer. (Isn't her cover wonderful? Sigh. I love cowboys...)
Following is my attempt to interview Carolyn and introduce you to her work:
New readers want to know about your newest book! Can you tell us the basic premise?
First of all, thank you for having me as a guest on your blog today, Nancy. It’s a pleasure to be here. Basic premise? The teaser on the back of the book pretty much sums it up. When hunky rancher "Lucky Beau" Luckadeau accuses spitfire Milli Torres of stealing his prize bull, she promptly shoots at him, triggering a feud that only gets resolved when they discover they share a steamy hot memory from a night long ago. It was a night of passion that has always haunted Lucky. The mysterious beauty he seduced at a cousin's wedding disappeared. He's always been lucky at cards, lucky with cattle, and lucky with land, but he's never been lucky in love. Now Milli Torres has come to southern Oklahoma to help out on her grandfather's ranch. A cut fence and a big, mean Angus bull in the pasture are bad enough, but then she looks up and sees Beau Luckadeau. Great God Almighty, how did he get from Louisiana to Ardmore, Oklahoma, and what in the hell is she going to do if he recognizes her?
Wow, sounds fantastic. What's one scene from this story you loved writing and why?
I loved the scene at the first of the book when they locked up horns over a bull that had wandered from Beau’s pasture over to Milli’s grandfathers because it shows both of their tempers. It lets the readers know that their journey searching for the Holy Grail of romance, which is happy-ever-after, is going to be an emotional roller coaster.
How about a little excerpt from that scene?
He pointed his finger at her. “Don’t you lie to me. You’ve cut this fence and thought you’d take advantage of my prize bull. That bull is worth a whole pasture of those ignorant cows and I don’t let him breed nobody’s cattle for free. Not even Jim’s — even though he’s my neighbor and friend. Either that or you’re lying your way through an attempted rustling.”
She slapped his finger away. “Get back on your land. And don’t point at me or yell at me again. I didn’t cut the fence, but I’m damn sure going to repair it so your horny bull won’t be on Lazy Z ground again. And I am not a cattle rustler.”
She shoved her hand in the pocket of her tight blue jeans and hoped it didn’t burn a hole right through the denim. Just touching him brought back memories she’d buried and long since tried to forget. It all went to show just how damn fickle her body could be. One touch and she was a melting pot of passionate hormones again.
“You ain’t repairing a thing. I’ll fix the fence as soon as I get my bull back in my own pasture.” He turned abruptly and stomped back to his three wheeler, crawled into the seat like it was a saddle and started toward the fence. Where had he seen her before? When she touched his finger, desire shot through his body like he’d only known one time before. But that wasn’t possible. That had just been a drunk man’s dream that set him firmly on the sober wagon for all eternity.
She pulled a .22 rifle from the sheath fastened to the side of her saddle and before he had gone ten feet, she fired twice, dusting up the gravel in front of him. That got his attention.
He growled deep in his throat. “You stupid bitch. You could have killed me. Put that gun down right now.”
There was no way that spit fire of a woman had been in his dreams. Maybe in his worst nightmare, but damn sure not in any sweet dream like he remembered when he thought about a night in paradise with a lady named Amelia.
“If I’d wanted to kill you, you’d be dead. And if you want to be dead, you just tell me what part you want shot first and where you want to drop and I’ll make it as painless as possible. And don’t you ever call me a bitch again. You get a warnin’ the first time but the second time I just let my anger have its way.”
(Love this!)
So, who comes to you first, the hero or the heroine?

In Lucky in Love they came to me at the same time. Together and arguing about who had the most important point of view. While I wrote their story, Milli sat on my shoulder and Beau stood behind me with his arms crossed over his chest. Imagine writing all day with that sexy hunk behind you! They lived in my mind while I wrote their story and believe me sometimes they were very vocal about the way they wanted it told.
I love funny romances and I happen to know you write with an Erma Bombeck sense of humor. Do you include humor in this romance? Can you give us an example?
I include humor in every thing I write. Laughter is good for the soul. Example? I’m thinking about one that wouldn’t spoil the story for the reader. How about this one?
One minute Milli was pushing Katy in the swing and listening to her squeal. At least she could enjoy the exuberance of her daughter, the sweetness of her grandparent’s love, and the mid-morning summer breezes. By afternoon it would be so hot the horny toads and grasshoppers would be carrying parasols and canteens. (LOL)
You’ve written a number of wonderful books for more than one publisher. What is one piece of advice you would give to a new writer starting out?
One word. Write! You can’t sell anything while it’s in your mind. It’s got to be written so write, write, write. Everyday! And when you get the rejection slips and they will come (I have enough to paper the White House and I’m not talking about that little two holer down at the end of the lot, either. I’m talking about the big one that has a Pennsylvania Ave. address) you are only allowed fifteen minutes to wallow around and whine in disappointment. After that you sit down and write some more. (so true!)
What is your favorite writing craft trick/tip?

I don’t know that I have a favorite. But I do urge new writers to never give up. That’s a major failing in the business. One rejection slip and they toss the rest of their ideas in a box and put them on the attic. Dear hearts, editors and agents don’t make house calls and scrounge around in your attic. At least they never have at my house. If they do at your house tell them to call me thirty minutes before they are due to arrive and I’ll make a chocolate cake and put the coffee pot on.
So true and the cake sounds great. I've never been able to choose just one favorite food, but what are some of the foods you love?
Oh, my, I do love food so that is a difficult question. More than just eating I love to cook. I love fresh yeast bread and the way it makes the house smell when it’s cooking. Then there’s cheesecake, blackberry wine cake, fried chicken, hash brown casserole, fettuccine alfredo, and the list never stops. I’m hungry now … I’ll be back later!
HA! Thanks for sharing. I am so looking forward to buying this new series.
You are so very welcome and I hope all of my readers enjoy reading the new series as much as I enjoyed writing them. They were a complete hoot to write. Remember when you get to the end of Lucky in Love that the fat lady has not sung yet … One Lucky Cowboy will be on the stands Nov. 1 and Getting Lucky, Jan. 1, 2010! I’d love to hear from those of you who read the series! Did you like Milli, Jane and Julie? How about Beau, Slade and Griffin? Did the children in the books make you laugh?
You can reach Carolyn at or e-mail her at


Jessica said...

What a great interview!!!
Sounds like a good book with lots of spark between the characters. And I agree, great cover. :-)

Thanks for sharing!

Nancy J. Parra said...

Thanks Jessica,

Carolyn is the real deal when it comes to down home funny. :)

Linda Kage said...

Merely reading the book's premise just about had me falling out of my chair. This book sounds like lots of fun. Thanks for sharing. Great interview.

Nancy J. Parra said...

Thanks Linda,

Carolyn lives in southern Oklahoma and knows her cowboys. (Just like us Kansas girls... hee)

Linda Kage said...

Yeah, I'll give the Okies that, even if they do tend to send their tornadoes our way every spring:)!

Carolyn Brown said...

Hi y'all!
Thanks for the comments! I'll try to keep the tornadoes south of the Kansas border but you got to realize Oklahoma tornadoes are like southern women. They have a mind of their own and they damn sure are not easily controlled!
And thanks Nancy for the space on your website! You are the greatest!

Nancy J. Parra said...

It was great fun having you, Carolyn. Good luck with your new series!

plain_a_m_y said...

Wonderful interview! Sounds just like my Momma. Oh wait, this IS my Momma. *laugh* I've got the book, just waiting for that block of time I can read it. Momma's books never have a good stopping point. I have a tendency to start and finish in one setting. Thus, the need for a block of time without children or dear husband needing attention. But the more interiews I read, the more I think it's gonna be one of those 'fend for yourself' days and I'm just gonna ignore the outside world and get lost in this book.

BTW I just have to mention...the Morgan, Inc the book is dedicated to would be MINE. *laugh*