Sunday, May 4, 2008

Conference day II

Friday at Spring Fling was a huge ego boost. Then came Saturday... I did enjoy a hot breakfast of cinnamon pecan french toast casserole. Then the breakfast speaker was wonderful. I didn't go to workshops because I had a pitch interview with an editor. She was great but said she thought my story was too "big" for her line. I told her I understood...but she said. Send me a partial and let me look at it. I thanked her and went off to find my lunch partners. After another wonderful speaker at lunch were more great workshops and a pitch session with an agent. The pitch session tanked. The agent didn't even look awake. She kept saying, "I don't do that." In a monotone voice and I was taken aback by her sheer lack of interest in me, my career and why I would want to pitch to her. After the initial shock of her weird/rude behavior I realized I had only set up the interview to meet her and see if we were a match. That goal was reached. She is definitely not a match for me and I doubt I would recommend her to others.
After this disappointing afternoon, I was set to volunteer in two places at the same time. Funny how that happened. I thought one session was after another-so it was my own fault. I chose to work at the book signing. Without a book out at this time, I volunteered to help manage Debbie MaComber's line. She is a NYT bestselling author with a huge fan base and this was her first signing of her latest book. The line snaked out the door. I enjoyed chatting with people, preparing them by spelling names on a post-it and placing it on the signing page, handing out promo goodies and in general agreeing with each and everyone how amazing Debbie was a blast. I've been lucky enough to do the same thing for Julie Garwood at her signing.
I finished this after two hours and ran to my other volunteer post where I helped with the finishing touches on the silent auction set for that night. Then it was time to change into party clothes. They had a conference dinner, drinks, dessert was banana's foster and Debbie gave a wonderful inspiring speech. The silent auction progressed through dinner. We earned over $8,000 for literacy. After that a jazz band played and we danced the night away. I hit my room by midnight feeling like it had all been worth it. Good friends, good food, great music and money for literacy what more could you ask for?

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