Sunday, June 15, 2008

Great Men of Today

It's Father's day and I've been watching all the memorials for Tim Russert the journalist and "Meet the Press" Moderator who died on Friday. He was so much a part of my television viewing, so much a part of my politics and my news that it is strange to find him gone. I never met him, or his family and yet he shared his stories and asked the tough questions and changed my tiny world.

It made me think about how they say all the good men die too soon. Then I thought about all the good men-quiet men, unknown to you and me-who died on Friday with Tim. I think he would want us to think about them and their families as well.

Which lead me to think about all the good men in the world today. You don't hear about them because living a good life is not headline making news. Being a good father, being a member of the community, being an example for youth, a good boss, a tireless worker, a person with an open wallet and just as open a mind and heart- is not news...unless they die.

Let's not wait until they are dead. Let's take this Father's day to celebrate, think about, appreciate all the good men God has put on this earth. Let's thank them for their help, their wisdom and their comfort. How do we find these good men? Look around. Right now they are in line filling sand bags against the flooding. They are out fighting wild fires. They are at home grilling and playing with their children. They are sitting in church, volunteering with rummage sales, coaching sports, mentoring street kids. They are in your house. They are on your street. They are men who do their best every day. Go out and hug them, shake their hand and let them know that you see them...celebrate them now. The world wouldn't be the same without them.

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Carrie Lofty said...

You made me tear up, silly. Thx for the post.