Sunday, June 1, 2008

His and Her Movie reviews

I love (not) how they label movies boy movies or chick flicks. As if all women like is crying and romance and all men like is to blow up things. (I know you're thinking-but that's true...) It's cliche. Let's give each individual the chance to make up their minds on their own. Otherwise you're saying that a woman who enjoyed Indiana Jones is not a real girl and a man who enjoyed Sex in the City can't be a real man.

Ummm, yeah, they can. I went to see both movies. I enjoyed Indiana Jones for it's every man hero fun and it's campy look at the 1950's. A woman can like tongue in cheek and improbable nuclear explosions. I also went to see Sex in the City and I'm here to tell you I really believe men will enjoy it- there are numerous scenes with naked women and men in various sexual acts-

That said both movies had things I enjoyed and things that could have been left out. For me Indiana Jones lost me in the opening scenes when a Russian convoy appeared in the middle of Nevada in the 1950's and took over a government installation. (If you read my daily blog on my web site you know how much this upset a veteran like me.-improbably, unlikely, unpatriotic hogwash.) As for Sex in the City-I think the same story could have had the same impact without all the porn. It was unnecessary-embarrassing since I went with my daughter- and as far removed from real life as the clothes, shoes and wealth of the characters.

Yes, I understand the reasons behind the Russians in the US. I also understand the reasons behind the sex scenes-doesn't mean I have to like it.

My opinion- rent both- or see both with a member of the opposite sex and discuss the cliche of guy flicks and chick flicks. There are more to come in both categories. I look forward to further discussion.

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