Sunday, September 28, 2008

CRS Disease

I had this great title for today's blog. I could riff on it and really impress people...if only I could remember what it was...sigh.

I sat down at my desk, window open, breeze blowing, settled a throw across my lap, pulled out my keyboard tray, pulled up my software and...the dogs started barking and carrying on outside. It's early Sunday morning. I don't like to let my dogs bark any time but especially when others may be sleeping. So, I holler out the window-yes, I know, who can sleep with me adding to the mix-but the dogs of course did not listen. What was I going to do to them from upstairs? So I had to push the keyboard tray in, pull off the throw, run down the stairs, go through the kitchen and out on the deck where the dogs sat wagging their tails. Needless to say I was miffed. I let them in, came back up, resettled in and poof- I have no idea what that great title was or what I was going to blog about...

My father calls it middle-aged CRS disease...(Can't Remember Stuff)

I'm sure the idea will come back to me-in the dead of night-when I'm tired and then I'll think-huh- it wasn't that good of an idea to begin with... :)

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