Saturday, March 28, 2009

WAG, part 5

“WAG #5: Life In Motion” Sometimes it’s good to approach writing like taking a photograph with words. On the other hand, it’s important to remember that a scene is always in transition. For this week’s adventure, sit in a good observation spot and notice how the scene in front of you changes from one minute to the next. Has the light changed? The sounds? The people? What’s different now compared to when you first arrived? Is there anything you can see (or hear, smell, etc) that is changing right in front of you? Be creative and break the rules! This week is all about change!

From my office:

I am sitting at my desk with my view of the world next to my right shoulder. The outside sun is weak as it enters through the window bringing in white/grey light and dim shadow. As I sit typing--fingers in motion-- the bird sounds change from red-wing black bird to a flock of starlings. Cold wind gusts make the window rattle and moan, then grow silent. A train rumbles through in the far distant. Heat clicks on and blows up the curtains. My little dog Grace pitter pats in, her small feet rustle the carpet. She sniffs the brown pillows on the floor by my chair, turns three times and lays down with a sigh. A roar from the downstairs tele raises up the stairwell as the televised crowd enjoys a basketball game. Downstairs someone is cooking-garlic, warm bread, tomato. Wait is that a snow flake outside? What happened to Spring? The kitchen smells grow stronger-toasted bread, is that soup? The digital clock ticks as the red glowing numbers change. I get up and move out the door. Time for lunch.

Is it cheating to write from my office? Hmmm. Great exercise. Thanks to Nixy Valentine. To read the other WAG members- click on Nixy's blog and follow the list. Also, feel free to join in- instructions for adding your link to the list are also posted on Nixy's blog.

Until next week!


Christine said...

It made me thing about warm soup on a cold winters day.

Nice piece, Nancy.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone cheats every week! We're writers... lying and cheating is what we do!

Loved it... now I want soup!

Iain Martin said...

*smile* You can't cheat if anything is allowed */smile* I liked your easy description, Nancy; following, so it seemed, the course your eyes took around your office and the chronological order of events. And thanks for your comments.

J. M. Strother said...

What happened to spring, indeed! We've had a nasty turn back to cold weather here too. I think our collective cheating is indicative of how hard we all find it to carve a few extra minutes out of our routines to do something else. So catch as catch can, I say. You did a good job with your cheat.

If your basketball fan has any tips on the Final Four, pass them my way. ;)

Lulu said...

I enjoyed this. It was interesting to share what you were "seeing" with your ears and your nose. It let me "see" your office and the surroundings with very few visual cues. Thanks.

PS - I don't care about the soup but I am low-carbing it right now. I just want the warm bread - the whole loaf.