Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nov. 1 NANO

Hi, my writer friends, are you fast and furiously at work on your nanowrimo project? It's November once again and writers ban together to encourage each other to attempt to write a book in a month. As for me I've been thinking through some serious thoughts about my on-line marketing. I fear I have gone terribly wrong somewhere. I went to Klout.com - a website that rates your on-line influence. Riiight- four years of blogging, facebook, twitter, linkedin and google-plus have gotten a score of 25 out of 100-
Wait! What?!
How is that possible I spend nearly 3 hours a day on internet talking and joining in, etc. to make matters worse, it listed all my dear friends - some who just started last year with this crazy marketing thing- as all having larger Klout scores than me. It's a little embarrassing really as I've taken several classes on internet marketing, read countless tomes, kept up on my marketing network to learn the latest and greatest trends. In fact that is part of what I get paid to do at work.
So what am I doing wrong? Well, number one I only today joined Klout. Hmmm- did you know your Klout score goes up as you chat more and link more on Klout? Sounds like a scam to me- and yet there are actual people who check Klout scores to determine your viability as an author. What?! Yes, I read that today in a writing association newsletter, which is why I went to find out my Klout score.
Now, let's talk working smart- working smart is not not writing my novel because I'm scrambling to add people to my Klout page. Smart is sighing at yet another way for people to judge me without ever reading my book. Smart is ending this blog and getting to writing my latest mystery. So forgive my low Klout score and check out one of my books. Then you can tell me which you'd rather I spent my time on. Cheers~


Linda Kage said...

Okay, you got me curious, so I had to sign up and check mine. I entered through my Twitter and ended up with 1 out of 100. So I added my YouTube, Facebook and Blog and it finally went up to 13. I guess I'm no Justin Beiber (sp?), huh?!

Good luck on your mystery story.

Nancy J. Parra said...

Hi Linda, thanks! I can't believe your score is so low- you are better at internet marketing than me.
I have no idea how they figure it. One of my author friends does not do YouTube - she regularly deletes people from her Facebook page - only blogs when required and her Klout score was 44!
The only thing we could figure out was she tweets more than I do...
Who knows- but I'm not going to let it get to me. I hope you don't let it get to you.