Saturday, January 19, 2013

Writer's Tip #1

This year I will debut two new series with a third series to debut in 2014.
What does this mean? It means I have to write 4 books in 2013.

Which leads me to Writer's Tip Number One:


Writer's block is a form of panic. Procrastination is a form of panic. Some people use panic to motivate them. Not me. I like to avoid panic.

Let's break it down. If you write a page a day you can write a book in a year. The secret is sometimes that one page turns into 2 or 3 or 4 because you get going and don't want to stop

In order to write four books this year I need only write 5 pages a day - every day. So as often as you've heard this - it is totally true. Sit your bum in a chair and write your one page a day every day. It becomes habit  - like brushing your teeth and taking a shower.

No, this does not mean revise a page a day - but move the story forward one page a day.

How can you panic over one page? Write one page - and see what happens

Cheers, Nancy

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