Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fun Stuff

This week I was honored with my first blog award and my first Meme. (A blog award is a form of Meme.*)

Thank you to Jane Kennedy Sutton- who gifted me with the Butterfly Award. Please check out Jane's blog-Jane's Ride for great views from another author.

This is a “meme” award-see below- so it gets passed on. The rules for passing it on are: 1. Put the logo on your blog. 2. Add a link to the person who awarded you. 3. Award up to ten other blogs. 4. Add links to those blogs on yours. 5. Leave a message for your awardees on their blogs.

Now as you can tell- my link button does not work for me-so I have to write out the links instead of coolly embedding them in the name as others do. Sigh. But I am still honored and will list three really cool blogs that I think deserve a butterfly. Please check them out.

Ann Victor- (Love her and her blog)
Marilyn Brant - (Great new author)
L. Diane Wolfe - (Spunk on a Stick)

The next bit of fun came from Morgan Mandel ( whose explanation of "what a meme is" is shown with the asterisk below. Morgan tagged me with the following meme:

Provide a list of six things that make me happy:

1)Doing something anything with my grown kids-they are witty and fun to be around.
2)Writing out the stories in my head-especially those scenes that make you stand up and jump around with excitement.
3)Playing and cuddling with my dogs George and Gracie.
4)Flowers- "Daisies are such a happy flower, don't you think?" (from the movie You've Got Mail.)
5)A good movie makes me happy even if I'm crying.
6)Reading great blogs on the Internet.

Now- I'm supposed to tag this to other bloggers to this meme-so I tag Pamala Knight -

I'm enjoying my discovery of new blogs and learning so much following them. As most of you know I blog here every Sunday. I also keep a daily blog on my website ( called A Room with a View-come check that out as well.

*What is a meme? Wikepedia describes it as "a neologism used to describe a catchphrase or concept that spreads quickly from person to person via the Internet, much like an inside joke." A meme usually involves using a blog to acknowledge and link back to the person who named you, plus pass along the meme to a specified number of bloggers by naming and linking to their blogs. (For more info go to )


Morgan Mandel said...

Hi Nancy,
We do have similar tastes. I love the movie, You've Got Mail, I love dogs, I love blogs and concocting scenes in my head.

Morgan Mandel

Anonymous said...

I'll need to figure all of that out myself but i enjoy my trips here. Hope you had a great week. My weekend? is almost here and GOD do I need a break.

Marilyn Brant said...

Oh, Nancy, thank you! I'm honored! And I'll do my best to fulfill my Butterfly Award duties this week :).
p.s. I don't know if you have the same problem I did with creating the hyperlink, but if it's that you computer "won't allow for scripted windows," there's an easy way around that... If so, let me know, and I'll explain via email!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Thank you so much! (I've received this award once already, so will not post it again.) Thank you for thinking of me!!!

L. Diane Wolfe

Pamala Knight said...

Thanks for the tag, Nancy. I'll get started on my list straight away. Yours is pretty fantastic and I, like Morgan, enjoy many of the same ones.


Nancy J. Parra said...

Thanks for the comments-

Elliot- hope your weekend is a real break for you.

Marilyn-I'll e-mail you. I have no idea why it doesn't work-sigh.

Diane-I understand and still love your blog.

Pamala-can't wait to read your answers!

Leon Basin said...

Hey, how are you doing? Hope all is well.

Ann Victor said...

Oh WOW! THANKS Nancy !! (((HUGS)))
This has made my day! Hmmm. Now I need to this who I'll "pay it forward" too. There are so many good blogs out in the blogosphere!

Oh dear. I see Pamala Knight's already received one from you...putting the thinking cap on again! :) Will plan my list carefully and set things up on my blog.

Thanks again!

Ann Victor said...

Oops sorry. It's very late here so the spelling gremlin crept in.

That should read "...I need to THINK who I'll pay this forward to.." :)

Saoirse Redgrave said...

Congratulations on your butterfly award, Nancy! Have great fun exploring the blogosphere--it's never a dull moment here. :-)