Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Year, New You

January 26th is the Lunar New Year, the Chinese New Year and the Spring Festival. Okay so all three are names for the same celebration. It is also my daughter's birthday...and my birthday. (Yeah, same day. Hard to forget. Happy Birthday, baby!)

In honor of that I'm listing some fun facts.

Chinese New Year is based on a lunar and solar calendar. It appears on the first new moon of the year. This year is the year of the earth ox. Coincidentally both my daughter and I were born in the year of the Ox- which appears every 12 years.

Here is what the horoscope says for people born as an earth ox: "As an earth ox you can be counted on in any situation. Of course you can-because you are so very down to earth! Others look up to you because you are sensible, reliable, and honest. Because you possess a lot of common sense, your judgment is solid. You exhibit a keen sense of how the world works, particularly in financial matters. What ever you attempt you are almost guaranteed to have success. Even if you have to work extra hard and it takes a long time, eventually you will get there. You will continue to work long past the point where many others might have given up and you will step over any and all obstacles to your success. In your relationships, you tend to be there for the long haul. Affectionate and faithful, you are much loved by those close to you for the emotional security you offer them. You are exceptionally loyal to friends. There is nothing a person can do to lose your friendship once you've given it. this trait can definitely make you a popular person!"

If you are wondering-nope, I'm not an earth ox- I'm a metal ox and that is a whole other thing. :)

According to the Chicago Tribune, some Chinese New Year traditions:
1) clean your house the day before-to start the new year right.
2) don't yell at your children-give them money instead. (Sorry kids all I have is chocolate coin.)
3) respect your elders. (Got that kids?)
4) open your windows at midnight and let the new year in. (Yee-ouch it's going to be below zero here.)
5) if you were born in the year of the ox... wear red underwear on New Year's day to protect you through out the year.

Also interesting to note: There will be a full solar eclipse on the 26th in the Indian Ocean.

As for me, the celebration starts today with the triple chocolate cheesecake I baked last night, followed by a spa day tomorrow and ending with dinner at a Chinese restaurant. This year is going to be the best year yet! Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

A Happy Birthday to you both and cheesecake is a great way to celebrate anything.

Morgan Mandel said...

Happy Birthday, Nancy!
Happy Chinese New Year!
Since there's a meeting tomorrow night, maybe I should get a Chinese carryout out today and celebrate early.

Morgan Mandel

Carrie Lofty said...

Have a great time of birthday-ing things! I'll see you next recess.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Happy birthday then!!! Wonderful you and your daughter can share the day.

L. Diane Wolfe

Nancy J. Parra said...


I love cheesecake-especially chocolate, chocolate chip with chocolate melted over it.

Sorry to miss the meeting-but I'll be playing at the spa. Next time-recess!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Marilyn Brant said...

Triple chocolate cheesecake!!! Oooh, enjoy :). Happy birthday to you and your daughter--may it be a year of good things for you both, Nancy.

BTW, another special happening on Jan. 26th is that it's Australia's birthday--#221, I believe--so their entire country will be celebrating with you! (Throw some cheesecake on the "barbie"? Hmm...well, maybe not. :)

Ann Victor said...


May this year be a particulary splendid one! And may your day be crowded with happiness.

Justus M. Bowman said...

"As for me, the celebration starts today with the triple chocolate cheesecake I baked last night..."

*stomach flips*

I don't know if my poor body could handle that.

Leon Basin said...

Hey, how are you doing? HOpe all is well.

Nancy J. Parra said...

What Justus, you don't like cheesecake? More for me, then I guess... :)

Nancy J. Parra said...

Yes, I did forget Australia Day! Ha! Cheesecake on the barbie... there is such a thing as fried cheesecake...although I've never tried it.

Thanks for the good wishes everyone.

Pam said...

Nancy--happy belated birthday from somebody who found you from Marilyn Brant's blog! I'd say more, but I'm having a Homer-like moment about that triple-chocolate cheesecake. I guess I'll have to come back later when I've had my fix. *g*

~Sia McKye~ said...

I'm a *dragon*, Nancy. This was cute. So....mentally, you're as strong as an *OX*, huh? lolol.

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake. I've had some that was dry, but when it's done well, ooo la-la-la. I never thought of melted chocolate. Sounds good.

Glad to hear you had a grand day.

Barrie said...

Happy Birthday! Happy Chinese New Year! I have a child born in the year of the Golden Dragon. Oooh.

Pamala Knight said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you and your daughter! Both of you born under a very auspicious zodialogical sign and I think that you must have been mistaken-- you sound like the ox described to a tee.

Cheesecake, yum!

Justus M. Bowman said...

Cheesecake is okay, but triple chocolate? My stomach can't handle much sweetness before getting angry.

Jessica said...

Ooh, I hope you had a wonderful birthday! :-)
Thank you for stopping by my blog!

Helen Ginger said...

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake? Wow! That would be a celebration all by itself, let alone adding in spa day, dinner, and Chinese New Year.

Happy Birthday to you both.

Helen Ginger

Kathryn Magendie said...

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